Washington Coast Birding Groups

The Grays Harbor Bird Club, a long-time local birding club, is interested in birding. More information about their field trips and meetings may be obtained by contacting Rose DuBois at 360-532-4067.

Shoalwater Birders is a group of birders who live on and bird the Long Beach Peninsula. They meet monthly and produce a monthly newsletter. For more information contact Nancy Houtzel, 360-665-6492, Susan Clark, 360-665-2753, Amy Greenhut, 360-665-3054, or Carolyn Nielson at 360- 665-5974.

The Friends of the Willapa National Wildlife Refuge provides support and assistance to the refuge programs and enhances the awareness and appreciation of the Willapa National Wildlife Refuge. One way they accomplish this is by educating local students about the flora and fauna of the refuge. For more information, visit their web site at www.teleport.com/~mmcdowel/friendsofwillapa/ or contact President Rudy Schuver, Friends of the Willapa NWR, P.O. Box 627, Ocean Park, WA, 98640. You may call him at 360-665- 6859 or email him at rudwin@willapabay.org.

The Washington Ornithological Society (WOS) was chartered to increase the knowledge of the birds of Washington and enhance the communication among all persons interested in those birds. They have quarterly meetings in Seattle, publish a quarterly newsletter, WOSNews, have regular field trips to different parts of the state, and sponsor a Rare Bird Alert for the state, called the Bird Box. The Bird Box can be accessed by calling 206-281-9172. The mailing address for WOS is P. O. Box 31783, Seattle, WA, 98103-1783. Check out their website at www.wos.org.

Order the book, A Birder's Guide to Coastal Washington.

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