Bird Guide

Here you will find a guide to help discover all the different species of birds in the Washington area.

Most birders have a handy guide book to help when out in a viewing spot with your binoculars or scope ready to catch a glimpse of magnificent creature fly in and perch on the side of a water spot or branch.

How to Help Support Bird Conservation

Other than buying a book from our online store that we will ship to you there is another way that you can help the conservation of birds in the wild. We recently did a charity fund drive using Lowes home improvement store to get supplies and cash. You can read more about how well we did and what we did to help those who wanted to donate get double out of their donation dollars.

Lowes is just one example of how we are starting to use coupon codes and promo codes from big online store to help support us financially.

Order the book, A Birder's Guide to Coastal Washington

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