Birding Checklist

We hope that you found the bird guide we have on the site useful. However, we know that when you are waiting outside in next to the waters edge or perched high on a viewing deck that you need a handy checklist to help tick off the birds that you have spotted. That is why we developed a useful paper checklist of all the bird species from the book. This should make your life easier to keep track of how many you have seen to try achieve the end goal of having spotted all the different kinds of birds in the Washington area.

How to Donate to Bird Conservation

We need funds on an annual basis to keep up the good work of volunteers who have a passion for protecting all birds in their natural environment. We were more than happy with a recent fund raising drive with Lowes home improvement online store to get much needed supplies and money for the cause. This is an ongoing event since it is all done online when you shop. Check out the link above to find out how you can get started today to help.

Lowes is the first example of how we are starting to use coupons and discount codes from big name online stores to help support us stay afloat financially.

Order the book, A Birder's Guide to Coastal Washington

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