Open Salt Water

Rocky Shores

Sandy shores, mudflats, salt marshes

Freshwater lakes, rivers, marshes

Wet coniferous forests

Broadleaf forests

Shrubby thickets

Parks & Gardens


Coastal Habitats

One of the reasons there are so many species of birds along the Washington coast is the great variety of habitat found in this part of the state. Since a birdís selection of habitat is linked to its food and nesting preferences, the more habitats there are in an area, the larger the number of species of birds.

Along the coast, these habitats include: open salt water, rocky shores, sandy shores, mudflats, salt marshes, freshwater lakes and marshes, wet coniferous forests, broadleaf forests, shrubby thickets, parks, gardens, and farmlands. *

* - These habitats are defined by Wahl and Paulson in
A Guide to Bird Finding in Washington.

Order the book, A Birder's Guide to Coastal Washington.

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