Using a Lowes Promo Code to Help Save Birds


I think you'll agree, getting funding for birding can be an issue. This is more a passion sport for us birding enthusiasts. Some places in the world are forward thinking and know how important it is to protect bird species of al kinds.

Well we were approached with a novel idea the other day. We had a member tell of us of an online organization called giving assistant based out in California. They said how this company is able to help people to donate to a good cause in the most efficient way. Of course we had to know more as I mentioned trying to get money to flow to protecting birds is important.

We were informed that what we should promote is a run to have people do some online shopping at a popular online store and then what would happen is that a percentage of that shop someone did would automatically be sent to a charity of our choice like

So we had a meeeting and decided that we would choose Lowes home improvement store where to direct shoppers. The reason being is that with birding we need hardware supplies. Items like wood, nails, canvas etc... are needed to allow birders to view their favorite speices of bird. Conservation spots need constant repair and maintenance. So we had the idea why not have people donate hardware supplies to us which we need anyway. However, here is the best part. What happens every time we sent a member a link to a Lowes promo code to save money on their online purchase that they were donating for us, a percentage of cash back was growing too. Giving Assistant calculated a percentage of money that they could give back to charities that support bird life.

This is why we say we arranged the best of both worlds - getting actual needed supplies plus money to help fund other needs.

We couldn't be more please with the results and would recommend any other 501(c)(3) non-profit organization or charity to do the same. Contact Givva and arrange a store link for you and they will automatically take care of the rest.

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