Substantive changes to the latest printed version of the book are noted here. We will continue to post updates and corrections to this Web site as they are brought to our attention. Please contact me with changes that will make the book more accurate and complete. Typographical and grammatical errors will be corrected in the next edition.


American Birding Association (ABA) has been long recognized as the leader in publishing birding guides in the United States. Their site guides are easy to use, thorough, offer exceptional maps, and provide key bird finding information to the visiting birder. I have followed their style in my book and many of the design features of our guide follow the format developed by ABA. My compliments and thanks to ABA for establishing the new standard for birding guides in our country and I am honored to follow their lead.


Page 25            Forth paragraph: Please ask permission from the resort before using the docks.


Page 27            Second paragraph, second line: A $7.00 Recreational Use Permit (RUP)

is now required to park anywhere on the reservation. The fee is used to help defray the costs of road and trail maintenance.


Page 27            Fourth paragraph, third line: the entrance fee is now $5.00.

                        Fourth paragraph, fifth line: Lake Ozette should be Cape Alava and

landscape should be longhouse.


Page 37            Third paragraph, line four: the call of the Northwestern Crow is somewhat lower and hoarser than that of the American Crow.


Page 56            The Moclips Highway is now completely paved.


Page 71            First paragraph: The beach at the end of Driftwood Drive seems to be a particularly good place to check for shorebirds.


Page 77            First paragraph: The Damon Point Road is now closed to vehicular

                        traffic. Park at the gate and walk the road.


Page 91            First paragraph, line seven: there are now multiple records for Red-shouldered Hawk along Brady Loop Road. This species is most often seen in the row of trees to the west of the road (see the map on this Web site).


A private wetland exists to the east of Brady Loop Road, about 1/3 mile from Monte Brady Road (see the map on this Web site), and is accessible to birders who gain prior permission from Greg Shirato at 360-490-4398. Access is completely restricted during the hunting season but may be obtained at some other times of the year. In all cases, remain on the dike and do not cross any fields. If permission is obtained, enter by squeezing through the small metal fence by the metal gate with the sign "Landowner plus USDA/NRCS." Please comply with the landowner's requests so birders can continue to access this area.


Page 102         On the last line, the number of the State Route should be 105.


Page 105          In the winter, the fields to the south of SR 105 and along Third Street Ocosta may be flooded and host ducks, shorebirds, herons, and egrets.


Pages 154-206All photos credited to Terry Sisson should be credited to the Grays Harbor Audubon Society.


Page 207          A helpful Web site with lodging, restaurants, and visitor information on Willapa Bay is www.visit.willapabay.org


Page 209          There is an additional Christmas Bird Count in the Grays Harbor area. It is the Satsop CBC, including Elma, Montesano, Satsop, and Chehalis Valley. The compiler is Rose DuBois who can be reached at 360-532-4067 or via email at dub@techline.com


Page 210          The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife Access Stewardship Decal is now called the Vehicle Use Permit.

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